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"The idea is to get the number of bugs with patches down to 0 by Maverick's release"

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Operation Cleansweep was launched at UDS-M by Jono Bacon.

The below the skeleton of the Workflow from the review guide:

1. Make a query for bugs with ubuntu-reviewers subscribed with only patch tagorwithout any reviewed tags.
2. Reproduce the bug step-by-step.
3. Review and test the patch.
4. Handle feedback from upstream.

Getting patch accepted :
[Normal procedure]
1. Get it accepted Upstream (if applicable).
2. Get it accepted in Debian (if applicable, the easiest way to get it submitted is to use submittodebian (from the ubuntu-dev-tools package))
3. Get it accepted in Ubuntu.

Getting involved :

1. Subscribe th the mailing list of Ubuntu-patch-reviews

2. Spread the word out, by adding the progress meter designed by Daniel Holbach which updates every hour with new data. The same is added in the right side bar of this site.


3. Join the team on #ubuntu-reviews

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